A transition study is a report that is generated for the purpose of transferring a property conditional responsibilities from the developer to an association. It is a thorough inspection that attests to the useful life, required maintenance and and replacement costs for all of the common elements of a condominium or any type of subdivision. Before the transition actually takes place is the best time to have one of these reports completed, however, if this study has not completed at the time of the transition, it is never too late to have one performed. The common elements that are included in the report are as follow:

  • Roof
  • Structure
  • Fire Proofing and Fire Protection Systems
  • Elevators
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Systems
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Equipment
  • Seawalls
  • Pavement and Parking Areas
  • Drainage Systems
  • Painting
  • Irrigation Systems

Our transition studies are a 3rd party report that gives the association board a better understanding of what defects currently exist and what the necessary steps are and costs involved to prevent much greater damages in the future. Many call these studies a smarter way to preventive maintenance!


There are several reasons why transition studies need to be performed. The most common reason these studies are performed are to meet state law requirements. In many states, the developer is obligated to provide this type of report to the association either at the time of the transition or within a certain period following the transition. In other instances, a transition study can provide compelling evidence if a court case involving the condition of a property were in litigation. And sometimes, this report can even be completed by an association just to get a better grasp of the overall condition of it’s property and know what kind of repairs and expenses can be expected in the future.


Our transition studies includes a physical site inspection by our engineer. We also do an in depth review of any construction drawings, maintenance logs, maintenance manuals, repair logs and any other documents that can be pertanant to creating a better overall understanding of the integrity of the property. Our engineering team will then determine if there are any defects in the design or materials used for the common area construction and equipment.  We will also provide estimated replacement costs for any damage or defects that we find. These costs will include estimates for materials, labor and equipment to repair, replace or modify the defects. Our report will be very thorough and provide cost schedules, a recommended maintenance schedule and photographs that will provide evidence for all findings.


Blue Ray Engineering is a recognized name in the Professional Engineering Industry. We have performed and completed engineering services in all major areas pertaining to condominium, subdivision and engineering assessment services. We are registered, licensed and insured. We pride ourselves on utilizing in house licensed P.E. engineers that will sign, stamp and seal each completed report where many companies will outsource.
We also take great pride in offering a fixed firm price for every job that we bid on. You will find our proposals to be very competitive! We work very hard to make sure that each report is turned around in a timely fashion to meet client deadlines. Our typical Transition Study will take 2-4 weeks to deliver.